Monday, March 19, 2012

Look Away, It's Hideous

What does one do when one is unlike most others of his species? And I say "his" in the old school sense, before Gloria Steinem had a heart attack over it and all the feminazis went ballistic and felt slighted by the word and ran around screaming, hysterically mind you, "What about us?" Meanwhile--and oddly enough--all the serious Hollywood actresses started demanding to be called actors; go figure. Anyway, there's a new book out called "Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck" by someone named Eric G. Wilson, which purports that humans are "natural-born rubberneckers."  In it, he explores why we're all drawn to car wrecks, horror movies, serial murderers and other such glimpses of darkness and morbidity, and concludes that each of us harbors a secret wish to "let it all fall down."

But what if one does not feel this way, and cannot look at car wrecks or watch horror films and hates darkness? What if one is totally estranged from societal norms, does not understand why Oprah Winfrey is a success or even at what, or what's funny about Bill Maher; does not understand the thinking behind stuffing cheese into the crust of the pizza or why Coca-Cola is such a hit; or how there can be a BET Network but not a WET Network and if there were, all hell would break loose? What if that same person doesn't care at all about the use of the word "he" to refer to all people regardless of gender, even though she is a female herself? And despite all that, what if that person secretly wants the whole damn mess to go on forever? Is that person a freak? I ask because that person is me and I just wondered...


  1. Why not a WET network? There's actually a problem, a funny bathroom humor problem, with that?

  2. White Entertainment Network is what I meant.

  3. I wish I ever got intelligent comments that really answered some of the philosophical questions I pose underneath the so-called funny stuff. (GL, you are the exception.)

  4. That I post intelligent comments? Or that I really don't spend my time thinking about that stuff? You can say that about a lot of things. Why we spend so much on a car, fancy clothes, good chocolate (though, you have to have good chocolate) weddings or on much of anything that goes on? I don't care and don't waste my time on this planet trying to understand it. It doesn't make me less involved in this world or a freak, it just means "it isn't worth wasting my time thinking about it". .


    1. I meant that you post intelligent comments that truly respond to questions I pose. Thank you for that. :)