Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm So Stoopid

Anonymous has accused me of never admitting my shortcomings and instead mocking those of others, and adds that it is tiresome to read my blog because of that. To counter that accusation, I will continue, from time to time, to shed light on my own faults.

Following is a list--the tip of the iceberg I might add--of things I don't understand or know nothing about, despite having lived a long time, graduated from a good university and worked within several reputable corporations and more than a few giants of the publishing industry:

1. The difference between World War I and World War II
2. Electricity
3. The Electoral College
4. Why Justin Bieber is famous
5. Why, with all the words available, some truffles are mushrooms and some truffles are chocolate
6. How people still become Catholics despite the widespread child molestation by priests
7. Who fought in the Korean War
8. How Puerto Rico relates to America
9. How if we evolved from apes there are still apes
10. Salsa dancing and salsa that you eat: ?
11. Why Shakespeare is considered great
12. Who carved Mt. Rushmore and why, and how long it took to complete
13. Who and what is the president pro tempore
14. Football
15. Taxes


  1. the tip of the iceberg i might add

  2. deneb says, what iceberg? lettuce or floe?

    1. I'm so dumb I don't even know what you mean!

  3. WTC. Coulter loves your blog and often tries to write a pithy comment ,and is well aware of your disdain for grammar and spelling errors. But every time every time he trie to polish or refine he is undone by his own iPad auto correction system! Mea culpa. But I have, since you suggested taken to ending my missives with ; WTC which is NOT to be confused with wtf. Now what godforsaken school system failed to instruct you on our glorious wars such as Korea, ww one an ww two ?

  4. It's not like they didn't try. I heard about it in high school quite often but tuned it out since I am A, a pacifist and B, not interested in things that have already happened. In college I was a fine arts major, so I learned how to mix up a batch of egg tempera and do silkscreens and throw pots, but alas, no war facts.

    As for the "mea culpa," please add Latin to my list.