Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hoodies Don't Kill People, Guns Kill People

So the kid was three inches taller than six feet, and not a kid at all but 17. And it was night and he was wearing a so-called "hoodie," which apparently is a signal in some circles that a crime might occur, or might have already occurred, or occurred on TV or in some surveillance tapes somewhere--whatever. The point is, I'm not going out at night in one, although I could because I am a white woman with a senior discount card in my wallet and besides, my own personal hoodie is pink and says Life Is Good across the front. As for TV news personality Geraldo Rivera having to apologize for speaking the truth about the dangers inherent in this article of clothing, that is just another example of political correctness gone haywire. And to whom did he apologize, one wonders.

Anyway, I'm not here to suggest who was right or who was wrong or whether the shooter was really a racist murderer or the dead man was really a ne'er-do-well or an innocent, which by all accounts he was because after all, he was found with a bag of Skittles, and how could someone who eats Skittles be bad? What I am here to say is that anyone who does not believe that we have a big problem in this country regarding racial discrimination and hatred and tensions and rage should just read some of the comments that follow all the news stories about this situation on the Internet, and get back to me.

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