Friday, August 4, 2017

The Irresponsible Press

I hate secrets, especially when they aren't even mine. Like one in particular that I have been keeping since 1983-ish, for someone I am not even friends with anymore. It's a juicy one, involving a married man and a best friend and another friend, and I'd love to spill it to someone but I promised not to so I don't, and won't. It's best that way since nobody stands to gain and everyone stands to lose.

Washington Post Editor-in-Chief Martin Baron about to puke after reading his own newspaper.

Too bad the once esteemed but now trashy Washington Post doesn't feel the same way. Claiming they have a "duty" to report the "news," actually their lone motive is increasing their obscene profits. To that end, yesterday the paper printed every word of a private phone conversation between POTUS and the leader of a foreign country that was leaked to them by some lowlife ingrate with access to the White House. 

It's bad enough that vile insiders continue to leak classified information, but not half as bad as when the press spreads it to the entire world.

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