Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hillary's Gone Bonkers

Since the Oscars are a long way off and I don't want to lose my catty claws, I will take this opportunity to sharpen them, although it is literally like taking candy from a baby. Vogue magazine ran the above photo with accompanying copy describing Hillary as the "best-dressed guest" at the recent wedding of some Democratic nobody in New York City.

WTF? Unless it was a lampoon issue of the magazine, I am stymied. Also stumped, stupefied, freaked, apoplectic, hysterical, chagrined, depressed and downright disgusted that anyone in their right mind would A, design and produce such a hideous article of clothing and B, charge money for it and C, have someone famous and wealthy buy it and then D, actually wear it out in public.

It looks like a shower curtain, or a tarp or a swimming pool cover. This is something I would put on if I were coloring my hair at home. Maybe. Or having a home birth, perhaps. Obviously Hillary has gone totally bonkers after losing the election to Donald Trump; who wouldn't? As for the editors at Vogue, I guess if you give them enough money they will print just about anything. Nice shoes, though.

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