Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Ladies in White

Nancy Pelosi in white.
Last night President Trump (that's who he is folks, deal with it) gave a speech to the Congress. It turned out to be a pretty great one, not only for Trump, who often goes off the rails with no notice, but for anyone in his position. He read his lines perfectly and was politically correct and decidedly un-Trumpish throughout. That couldn't have been easy.

Like a good boy, he kicked it all off with a respectful nod to Black History Month, which just ended. He then played nice for the next hour and threw lots of obvious bones to the Democrats. Still, did any of them appreciate it? Certainly not. They sat stone-faced and brooding like a bunch of pre-schoolers denied extra recess. The only thing Trump could have said to get any of the Democrats to applaud him would have been, "I am quitting as of tonight and crowning Elizabeth Warren as Queen."

The entire event presented a disturbingly strong visual of how just how divided our country is. One side repeatedly rose for standing ovations while the other side sat motionless behind grim expressions. But the very worst visual was the block of women sitting together who chose to wear white as a "show of support for women's rights." (Something about the suffragettes wearing white a million years ago.) Led by Botox Nancy, who continues to claim that Trump "dishonors women with his lewd behavior," the gang looked like a gaggle of lunchroom ladies on a smoke break. And for some reason Queen Elizabeth wasn't on that bus as she was wearing blue. The very second the speech ended, those ladies in white finally stood up, wasting no time getting out of there. How sad.

It was hard to watch grown-ups misbehaving that way. And the worst part is they get paid by us!

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