Thursday, March 16, 2017

Strange But True

Some people I don't know, will never meet and don't care about even a little.
It has come to my attention that Ivana Trump, the current president's first ex-wife, a woman nobody gives a hoot about besides her family and friends, nevertheless has found a publisher for her memoir about her three children entitled "Raising Trump," available next September. This amazes me, not only as a writer who cannot find a publisher to give me the time of day, but also as a reader in search of answers to profound questions and the occasional respite from that search. Who will buy such a book and spend what precious time they are allotted in this lifetime learning about the antics of little Donnie, Eric and Ivanka, three now fully grown adults who offer almost nothing to our personal enrichment or benefit to society as a whole other than fodder for the tabloids?

Apparently the publishing company is betting there will be many people willing to pay for that information. How odd, and also a little sad.

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