Thursday, March 2, 2017

Phony Baloney Liberals

Millionaire Moore even nauseates himself. Shown here, he is about to vomit at an anti-Trump rally.
The worst thing about politics is that it illuminates our personal tastes and beliefs, often exposing us for the idiots most of us are, yet lends an air of respectability to even the most heinous of creatures, making them appear thoughtful and profound. For example, the filmmaker Michael Moore is a gross pig of a man who has some serious mental issues like the obvious self-loathing that has led him to be a morbidly obese slob, yet he deflects any sort of criticism by shouting through his megaphone that Donald Trump (or any other successful person) is a gross pig of a man, thereby taking the attention off himself.

Since his hit 1989 film “Roger and Me,” Moore, a veritable God of the liberal left and self-appointed spokesman for the Common Man, has earned upwards of $50 million trashing capitalism. As of two years ago he owned nine homes.

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