Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Forever is a Long Time

Some people where I live are freaking out over the increasing legalization of marijuana. They are horrified, terrified and downright pissed off that legitimate pot distribution centers are popping up all around the state. This is silly since marijuana is a plant as old as vegetation on Earth (about 12,000 years) whereas Maine's real problem, opioid addiction, is caused by drugs made in factories beginning in the late 1960s and now prescribed by doctors for just about anything that hurts.

I take three different drugs manufactured in factories and they cause me no end of problems, including dizziness, blurred vision, weight gain and loss of libido, although that last one might just be because I'm 70 and enough already. These have been prescribed for my pesky blood pressure, which bounces up and down at random. They literally make me sick, but at least I stay alive. But like many baby boomers in my same boat, I long for the good old days when the only drugs I took were pot, mescaline and the occasional magic mushroom. At least the side effects were temporary and I could take them or not, whereas the ones I'm on now are not optional and  forever. And take it from me, forever is a long time to feel dizzy.