Friday, January 6, 2017

Do You Even Lift?

"Let nothing upset you. Let nothing frighten you. Everything is changing. God alone is changeless. Patience attains the goal. Who has God lacks nothing. God alone fills every need." That's my mantra. I say those words to myself daily, several times a day in fact. Some days they calm me down. Others, not so much.

On those days I have an answer for everything. Like the fact that everything upsets me: The news, the foods I eat, the weather (it's fucking freezing here), my physical body, my sister in a nursing home, my dead cat Daisy who I still miss more than a year later. And, on some days, just about everything frightens me: War, hatred, politics, fainting in the supermarket.

And nothing changes: I still have high blood pressure (except when it's too low), I still live in Maine, people are still getting blown up for no reason. Okay, so maybe God is changeless, I'll give you that one. As for patience attaining the goal, I have no idea since I have no patience. I guess I don't "have God" since I lack a ton. And it almost goes without saying (I said almost) that He does not fill every need, or else I wouldn't lack a damn thing.

Well, this is turning out to be a bummer of a blog post so I'd better come up with a good ending, more positive or at least funny. One laugh at least. Okay, how about this: I guess should try to be more like my husband, who is truly a cockeyed optimist. He's happy if he dead lifts 350 pounds, or whatever is a good number to dead lift and whatever a dead lift is. He doesn't let those four crappy black kids who tortured a mentally ill white kid and posted it live on Facebook ruin his morning! No, he doesn't! After all, as he loves to point out in almost any situation, Hitler killed 6 million Jews and that was way worse.

I guess I'm gonna start dead lifting. Whatever that is.


  1. great blog! At least our conversations make you think . . . BTW if I ever deadlift 350 pounds i will be happy for a month . . . so far i've only hit 325 :-/

  2. i stopped lifting dead people they flop around a lot.