Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gossip About Kim Kardashian

Kim and her butt out for a walk.
Our lives are empty and meaningless so let's all talk about Kim Kardashian, right? After all, thousand and thousands of people are doing that right now, according to the "trending" numbers on Facebook, 160 thousand to be exact, and another 120 thousand are talking about her sister what's her name, and really, isn't that what counts? To have people talking about you? These days, that's the goal: fame is the name of the game. And to prove it, I'll let you know if this blog post gets a lot of clicks which I'm guessing it will just because the name Kim Kardashian, a person who has never done one thing and has no apparent talent beyond spending money -- first her father's and now her husband's -- is in the title.

So, let's get started. That butt: implants? Maybe, maybe not, that's what a lot of the talk is about. Like what do you think they injected into her butt to make it stick out so much? And is that comfortable? It seems like it would be sort of a drag lugging it around, and sitting on the toilet, but then that's just me. And anyway, what if it's real? Although she has admitted to getting injections into it for psoriasis, which is just plain disgusting to have psoriasis on your behind. Yuk. And to have everyone in the world know about it. Oh God. I am embarrassed when anyone knows anything about me, not really but psoriasis on my butt would be a definite secret I would keep "in the vault" as they used to say on Seinfeld. And I wonder if she ever talks to Caitlyn Jenner, her former stepfather when he was Bruce, and does she thinks it's all ridiculous?

Did you hear she spent $5,000 on toe liposuction to fit into a pair of designer shoes on her wedding day? I wonder if that was done under a general or just a local. And can you imagine being married to that egomaniac Kanye West? Do they measure their egos every morning to see whose is bigger? And if you ask me neither one is all that good-looking, certainly not as attractive as some other people being gossiped about. It is sort of funny that they named their baby North, ha ha, North West, get it? So at least one of them has a sense of humor, I bet it's Kanye because she seems like a bitch on wheels and sort of humorless.

That's all I got.

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