Friday, September 30, 2016

Who You Callin' Deplorable?

Are you in here?
It's stunning that a candidate running for President of the United States considers the people who don't support her to be "deplorable," as Hillary Clinton said not long ago. And not only are they simply deplorable, which means "shockingly bad in quality" and "deserving of condemnation," but the whole wretched lot of them are somehow together in some sort of basket, be it a trash basket or a waste basket or some other kind, implying that each and every one of them is a "basket case," which is defined as "a person or thing regarded as useless or unable to cope."

Wow! So Hillary thinks that fully half the country she so desperately wants to rule is populated by drooling, brainless illiterates. Just how will she treat them? Will there be rehab centers for all the deplorable basket cases who supported Trump? Will they be rounded up and put in internment camps like F.D.R. -- the sitting Democratic president -- did to those of Japanese descent during World War Two? (Sixty-two percent of those folks were American citizens.) Exactly how will she remedy the situation? Perhaps forced tutoring, a.k.a. brainwashing sessions?

Being semi-deplorable myself, since while I'm not an actual Trump supporter I agree with many of the kernels contained inside his bombast, I'm kind of looking forward to how our First Woman President (ta-da!) handles the whole thing when she plops her fat fanny down behind the desk in the Ovary Office. Oops, I mean Ovum Office. Dammit, I mean Ovule Office. Forgive me, Oval Office.

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