Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shining a Light on Hillary's Dark Past

Strange but true, the fact that Hillary Clinton is female has a lot of people, mostly other women, all excited for her to become  president. But she's such a liar, she might even be lying about that. (Maybe that's why Bill fools around.)

Love her or hate her, you've got to admit it: Hillary lies. To understand just how much and when it first started, get your hands on today's Wall Street Journal where op-ed writer Peggy Noonan revisits an early scandal that reveals Hillary Clinton's true criminal nature. It is a must read for anyone who plans to vote in this year's election. Buy a hard copy or read it online at

Here's just a taste:

"The question came up this week at a political panel: Why don’t people like Hillary Clinton?
Why do they always believe the worst? Why, when some supposed scandal breaks and someone says she’s hiding something, do people, including many of her supporters, assume it’s true?

"The answer is that Mrs. Clinton has been in America’s national life for a quarter-century, and in that time people watched, observed and got an impression of her character.

"If you give the prompt “Clinton scandal” to someone under 30, they might say “emails,” or Benghazi” or “Clinton Foundation,” or now “health questions.” But for those who are older, whose memories encompass the Clinton era, the scandals stretch back further, all the way to her beginnings as a national figure."

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