Monday, August 22, 2016

Too Much of a Good Thing

Like many people, I sleep with my cell phone on a table right next to me. Last night I woke and checked the time and it was 3:33. Considering that a good omen, a rare and special thing I always enjoy when it happens, similar to my glee upon looking up just when the minute hand of the big wall clock at the front of the classroom moved when I was in elementary school, I fell back asleep smiling.

I awoke again sometime later and again checked the time and saw the numbers 4:44. That was odd -- what are the chances? Still finding it a positive but unable to fall back asleep I got up, made my way downstairs, got some orange juice and lay down on the living room sofa hoping to catch a few more winks. Eventually I did, but then the ruckus of the pouring rain on the roof combined with my cat jumping on my stomach woke me, this time for good. I checked the time: 5:55!!!!

Okay, what the heck was going on? That was downright freaky. Not at all comforting, in fact quite the opposite, I did not like that one bit. I finally called it a night, thankful there could be no 6:66.

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