Sunday, May 15, 2016

What's for Dinner?

My brain is definitely my favorite body part, and I bet it's yours too. Even though Death is all around us, turning daily life into a walk through a war-torn minefield, we stride right through with nary a thought to the possible explosives we might set off, eager for our next meal, our next new party dress or rock concert or hair color or job promotion. I say this because the news each day is grim, yet we remain untouched and for the most part unafraid. I can't speak for all those agoraphobics locked inside their homes since I don't know any, but besides those ultra-sensitives, most of us are pretty good at ignoring our fate and carrying on with gusto.

Like just now, on this relaxing Sunday morning with nothing to worry about except whether we should put the tomatoes in -- they are predicting 38 degrees tonight -- I read about a bus full of partying tourists happily going off to gamble at a Texas casino, only to have their bus flip over en route. Now eight of them are dead and many more hospitalized. (Oops.) A related news story reports a similar tourist bus crash, this one involving an SUV, just outside of Walt Disney World in Florida. Nobody died but eleven people were seriously injured, thus never making it to either Magic Kingdom.

And that is a just a teeny, tiny tip of the iceberg comprised of who will die today; statistically, that's 100 people per minute around the globe. I am hoping it won't be me or my darling husband or our beloved son, or anyone I know (okay, maybe a few people I know), but you get my drift. The human spirit soldiers on despite that dastardly possibility, and for this I'm grateful. I stand in awe of my brain's ability to keep Death under lock and key in its deepest recesses, allowing me to glibly wonder if I should go for a walk now or later and what to make for dinner, confident I will still be around for dinner.

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