Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Look Away, It's Hideous

It's not the end of the world, really. In fact, it matters to me hardly at all who becomes the next president. I mean, it's nice for them and their friends and family, all of whom get to ride on Air Force One and meet Kanye West or Barbra Streisand or whatever big celebrity happens to be performing at the White House, and consume lots and lots and lots of jumbo shrimp and Beluga caviar and Kobe beef and lobster tails and petits fours, all at the taxpayer's expense which is truly sickening but that's another blog post. But for us, all the little people -- and by that I don't mean Little People as in height although they are included -- the outcome of the November election will change nothing.

Yes, gays can now get married. But even back before they could they still got to sleep together and live together and love each other and pick out china together and even adopt children. So now they get to visit each other in the hospital when they're dying and get all their spouse's money after they're dead. That's nice, I guess. And let's face it: abortion will never again be illegal, certainly now that Ted Cruz is out of the picture, so what's everyone so worried about? Go ahead--continue to abort with abandon!

In fact, if you just stop watching TV and reading the paper, you'll barely notice whether it's Hillary and Bill Clinton once again living the high life at your expense, or Donald and his already-privileged brood. I think that's best, don't you? So, my advice to avoid apoplexy, depression, disgust, or just plain dismay is to simply look away, because no matter the winner, the situation will indeed be hideous. But not, I repeat, the end of the world.

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