Monday, May 9, 2016

Brain Power

Cartoon by Doug Savage
I read on the Internet that the length of my ring finger could determine my whole personality! Well, not just mine, but yours too, since according to scientists, this is true for everyone with a ring finger. I did not click on the link to find out what sort of scientists spend their time on this sort of silliness, but just reading that headline sent my head spinning. I thought that if I had gone to school for enough years to end up being called "a scientist," I would surely want to devote myself to more important things. Like maybe childhood cancer, a true scourge upon our species. Or maybe how to stop global warming and save the planet from extinction. And also, doesn't everyone, certainly by the time their ring finger is finished growing, already know what their own personality is? So then who cares?

All this thinking took place within the first ten seconds after turning on my computer this morning. It's a wonderful thing, the human brain.

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