Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Not All Pepperoni

Even though we all know better, most of us spend inordinate amounts of time trying to be happy, as if that's the reason we're here. Obviously it is not, or else why would there even be things like earthquakes and disease and betrayal? Still, we run around looking for fun, a good time, ego boosts, self-satisfaction, call it what you will, instead of just accepting our fate: sometimes things suck.

Being an ordinary human, I have experienced long periods of sucking in my life, peppered, of course, with moments of pure ecstasy.  Naturally I have bemoaned my fate and wished for less sucking and more ecstasy, instead of being grateful for whatever it is I get to experience during my allotted time here. It's a bad habit, and one I am trying to break. After all, when you order a pepperoni pizza, it's not just wall-to-wall pepperoni covering the top of the pie. There are plenty of spaces that have no pepperoni at all. We accept that; the spaces between are good too. In fact, hardly anyone chooses to sit down and chomp on a log of pepperoni, at least not in public.

Enjoying the spaces between is something I am trying to do in life. It takes constant attention, since it's a whole lot easier, and in some ways more comforting, to wallow in misery than stoically tolerate loneliness or disappointment. FYI, I don't even like pepperoni. But out of the 2,193 adults surveyed online in a Harris Poll conducted last January, it's America's favorite topping, so I figured more of you could relate.

Funny thing, the same survey found that the least favorite pizza topping is anchovy, which happens to be my favorite. This is yet another example of my particular life sucking, since nobody ever wants anchovy when you go out for pizza. My one close friend who liked it as much as I do, the two of us often indulging our shared desire at lunch, was brutally murdered in a robbery thirty-two years ago. (See what I mean?)

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