Saturday, January 23, 2016

Survival for Dummies

Because at the first sign of stupidity in another person I turn tail and run, I am fortunate to have only smart friends. (One time I ignored that rule and started a business with a complete moron and her equally moronic husband, but I ended the relationship after going to their home and seeing their plastic slipcovers on the furniture.) So I have never met anyone who would suffer the same fate as the dummies I saw on TV this morning. I had turned it on to track the huge snowstorm that is deliciously not coming our way. In fact, here in Maine it's quite a decent day with nary a snowflake in sight or a breeze worth mentioning. And while a tad overcast, tomorrow promises  to be full of "abundant sunshine." (I love that word, implying not just a bit of sunshine but abundant, enough for leftovers even.)

Anyway, having lived in Washington and New York for thirty years, naturally I am interested in what's going on down there and how my friends are faring. So I tuned into the Weather Channel and saw reports of people being stuck in their cars overnight for twelve hours on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and for twenty hours somewhere in Kentucky. They were interviewed on the phone, their voices panicked as they described their plight: YOUNG CHILDREN WITH THEM and NO FOOD OR WATER IN THE CAR!

The approach of Winter Storm Jonas has dominated the national news for the last three days. You'd have to have been in a coma to not know it was coming. Yet there are people, many many of them, out on the road, with no supplies, with their kids, in the storm, driving somewhere. Were they all driving to get brain transplants? Because if they were, they are excused.

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