Sunday, January 10, 2016

Big Ego, Little Information

Amy and some of her body language.
I just came across an ad for a book called Presence, written by "the high-priestess of self-confidence for the self-doubting," at least according to the jacket copy. It goes on to say the book is a "must-read for everyone." Really? Everyone? Is there not one person anywhere who cannot stand on their own two feet without being propped up by the musings of this young woman named Amy Cuddy in order to thrive? I opted to get some some further info by reading some of her fabulous, must-read book on Amazon, a website that graciously gives you a sneak peek of ten to twenty pages for free.

Seems that this Amy thinks you should "put your best foot forward," especially if you are going for a job interview. She also advises "not to be nervous," and to "pay attention to your surroundings." And that "your body language shapes who you are." (That surprised me, as I always thought it was the other way around.)

I stopped reading there, sensing that whatever else she had to tell me I already knew. The same is likely true of you. The difference between us is that Amy actually enjoys getting up in front of an audience and giving TED talks. And then she diligently sits down at a desk and writes out all this fluff, I mean stuff. Then she finds a publisher, gets her hair done, has her picture taken, and suddenly there's a book!

I've also just written a book myself, but it's not one that tells you how to live; that's your business, and besides, it can't be taught. Those self-help authors certainly have huge egos.

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