Monday, October 20, 2014

Still Searching

There are so many sad things in this life, it's hard to stay upbeat. One way to do it is to watch funny movies, read funny books, and see comedians perform. Last week I saw the comic Kevin James in concert at Portland's Merrill Auditorium, Maine's only link to the real world. He was so funny that my face hurt from laughing afterwards.

After 90 minutes of side-splitting humor the show ended. The funny man exited the stage to wild applause, and within seconds I realized that my regular life was waiting for me in the parking lot. I forget what we paid to see Kevin James, but whatever it was, he earned it. We got our money's worth, which is more than I can say about so many experiences.

At this stage of my life, certainly Act Three, former thrills no longer cut it. I have eaten all the pizza I need to eat. Shoe shopping seems redundant, foreign travel is a pain in the ass, and jewelry seems just plain silly. So for something new and different I'm finally going to try some of those things that supposedly will calm my roiling insides, like meditation and yoga. I'm not looking forward to it, but it's worth a shot. I just hope they won't make me do that stupid Downward Dog thing.

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