Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Normal men in suits watch the holy men in whatever those are.

Ebola is spreading and nobody knows what to do about it. A nurse in Dallas who did all the right things (She must have broken protocol!) came down with the disease. So far blame has not been placed, but it probably will be as it always is. It's already being whispered that Obama has not done enough to stop the virus, as if he could do anything. The thought that the virus is to blame has not yet been considered.

The Catholic Church is easing its historic repugnance of gays and divorce. How nice of them, considering their pederastic tendencies. No word on their fall fashions, but if you ask me their current outfits sure are disturbing.

According to most Americans, Obama is basically good for nothing.

Russia and China are getting to be the best of friends, ganging up against the US. That promises to be bad news somewhere down the line.

A major earthquake is set to go off in California, somewhere around San Francisco. One expert says the fault below that city is "locked and loaded, but no telling when Mother Nature will pull the trigger." I say let's not plan to hold any Olympics there.

Studies have shown that more teens are successful at multi-tasking than ever before, doing their homework while texting, listening to music and watching TV. Ha! My kid did that when he was back in high school, so big whoop. (He's 26 now and turned out fine, except for math.)

Syria had a big bomb dropped on it, and refugees are fleeing the Ukraine.

Have a nice day! (Smiley face)

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