Saturday, October 4, 2014

Here's to a Long Life

Death has always been just around the corner, but these days it seems to be mid-block as well. The possibilities are endless, of course, but added to the usual drownings, falls, car crashes, plane crashes, train derailments, bombings, illness, drive-by shootings and rabid dog attacks, we now have to contend with Ebola and a possible beheading. Fortunately the last two are highly unlikely here in Maine, with only a million residents and almost all of them related.

Still, since you never know, to be on the safe side I got a flu shot this morning. I always hold the hand rail while going down a flight of stairs. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I take probiotics, fish oil and wheat grass, get daily exercise, and sleep not too much and not too little every night. Despite those measures I will surely die, I just don't know when. Of course that bugs me, since I'm not confident about which big projects I can or can't finish. But then, modern life being a marvel, I found a website that predicts when I will die!

All I had to do was truthfully answer a few questions. I did so, and found out I have 29 years left. There's another online test that predicts how you will die, but I figure if I live to be 97 there won't be too many options open to me by then; lying in a bed or sitting in a chair seems of little importance. Anyway, I guess neither ISIS nor Ebola will get me this go-round. Good to know.

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