Monday, October 27, 2014

Canada, Here I Come

One of the best things about Maine is its close proximity to Canada, which means that if the horrible circumstance of Hillary Clinton becoming our next president comes to pass, I can hightail it over the border before she has a chance to slither into her inaugural pantsuit and bend the oath of office. That's quite comforting, especially in light of what she said a few days ago at a Massachusetts Democratic rally: "Corporations and businesses do not create jobs." Huh, Hillary? Well then who does--the gub'ment?

Just to take one person at random, of the 40-plus jobs I have held in my lengthy career, every single one had me working for either a large corporation or a small business. After all, unless you are working for a pimp or a drug dealer, it seems to me the boss is an entrepreneur of some sort.

I wonder what Hillary meant. Maybe it's that old Day-of-the-Benghazi-Hearing brain injury talking. I sure hope she gets better before she's elected.

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