Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You Can't Be Too Careful, Ebola-wise

One of the clearest signs that I am a baby boomer, and an aging one at that, is my refusal to get a flu shot in the supermarket or at a drug store. It just seems wrong, and slightly irresponsible. I mean really, have you heard of Ebola? While I know the flu is not Ebola, still you do want to keep your strength up -- survival of the fittest and all that.

The supermarket in question currently hawking flu shots consistently stocks yogurt that is two weeks past the sell-by date, so how can I be sure their vaccine is fresh? And the young woman giving the shots, sitting behind a common folding table you see at church Bingo games, is dressed in jeans! Come on, at the very least I need a white coat. A stethoscope would be a nice touch too.

Wondering if any of that matters, I called my doctor this morning and was told in no uncertain terms that the vaccine is the same no matter where I get it, but it would likely cost more at the doctor's office because of "extra fees." I asked whether the technician giving me the shot would be wearing a white coat. "Well of course," she answered, sounding stunned by the very question. I guess that white coat is part of the extra fees.

Anyway, call me madcap but I'm getting my flu shot there.

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