Friday, September 19, 2014

More About Fat

These two are typical American females. Scary.
The "fat acceptance" movement is, as we say in Yiddish, a shonda. If we are all held accountable for the worst deeds of the worst of us, I am mortified. Call me obsessed, but this is not where I'm going. If you are headed in that direction, just stop it today! Besides all sorts of health problems ending in an early death, how can you stand being alone with yourself?

It's a shocking situation, brought about by the void in modern life that people try to fill with shopping for nonsense  and food. Malls across the country satisfy both urges with stores all in a row and a giant Food Court full of fattening and unhealthy trash. It's not the fix: All that happens is you still have the void but now you're fatter and with a new handbag.

Here's the fix: Shut your mouth and get moving.

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  1. You should get paid as a motivational speaker. Seriously.