Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Football's Double Standard

Face it: Things are just not funny anymore. The world is in chaos, with disease, starvation, war, terrorists and persecution of dissidents running rampant--and that's on a good day. But one funny thing is that the owners of the Baltimore Ravens have fired one of their players because he smacked his then-girlfriend around in a domestic dispute caught on videotape. The victim was so upset about it that she went ahead and married the guy after that.

The game of football is based on violence, with players regularly getting severe injuries and occasionally dying. As compensation, they make tons of money off of all the fans who get a vicarious thrill watching these modern-day gladiators get knocked around. The players, who are all-out brutal on the playing field, are required to be pussycats all the other times.

Now that's funny.

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