Friday, September 5, 2014

Asking for Your Help

Dear Facebook Friend--and especially my old friends from high school who meant so little to me back then and even less now:

Do it for him!
There are many charities in the world that need your dollars, like the ones for disaster areas where whole towns were swallowed by mudslides or demolished by earthquakes, killing thousands, and maybe tornadoes and hurricanes that flooded everything and virtually destroyed lives. And there are people dying of horrible diseases and children on chemotherapy and starving babies and street people without a place to lay their heads. The world is full of pain.

Despite knowing all this here I am, asking you for money for my personal project. It may seem small in comparison but is so big to me that I am overcoming my pride and begging you to dig deep and come up with a contribution to our new kitchen counter.

At first glance my request may seem unreasonable. But really, the counter is old and cracked and made of Formica, and I am pretty sure it is holding bacteria; for all I know our entire family could contract botulism or something even worse if we don't replace it with a new granite counter top. (Actually my husband is leaning towards soapstone.)

Just one of the cracks!
And our only child eats here sometimes, at that very counter, and he could also contract a deadly disease, and so please--do it for him. Even though he is now 26 he used to be adorable (see photo above) and he will likely have a child someday who would look just like him, maybe, if he marries a girl with dark hair, and then our only grandchild could also get sick from the deadly germs lurking just below the surface of our present counter top (see photo at right.)

Replacing the kitchen counter will cost approximately $10,000 and we need all the help we can get, especially since we just got a new Audi. Thank you.


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