Tuesday, September 2, 2014

15 Lists You'll Never See

The President, hard at work.

14 Non-Orthodox Jews Who Don't Eat Bacon

9 Simple Phrases Your Cat Can Learn in a Week

Movie Dogs: The 25 Least Attractive Women in Hollywood 

Top 10 White House Cannabis Recipes

25 Ways to Make Toast Exciting

12 Leading Men with Teeny Weeny Penises 

Two More Times Michelle Obama Was Proud of Her Country

People to Watch: Capitol Hill's Future Embezzlers

Oprah's Proven Weight Loss Tips

Five People Who Still Remember Keith Olbermann

10 Tragic World Events During Which Obama Did Not Play Golf

Kim Kardashian's Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Kloe Kardashian's Favorite Picture Books

A Quartet of Warm and Fuzzy Germans (Yes, They Do Exist!)

A Compendium of Intelligent Twitter Posts

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