Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hyperbolic Prunes

These days just about everything and anything is over-described, over-sold and over-promised. If it's not "awesome" then it's "amazing" or else it's "brilliant." It could be a sunset, a blueberry, a tuna sandwich or a pizza, or maybe a home run or a touchdown or a sports car or a new baby, or Katy Perry's new lipstick--whatever, it's over the moon.

Just now, for breakfast, I ate three dried prunes. They tasted just like all other dried prunes I have eaten over the course of my life, but these came in a bag that says they are "amazing." In fact, the manufacturer states on the bag that "Amazing is a trademark of Sunsweet Growers, Inc. in the USA and other countries." They further explain that "we do the impossible--we pack them moist, tender, and pure without preservatives." (I guess that wasn't so impossible after all if they did it.)

I am wondering why they can't just be delicious and healthy, and if you eat enough of them they help avoid constipation, which is the extent of my interest in the product. Isn't that enough?

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