Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cool It

Just when did everyone get so damn touchy about every little thing? Certainly people had thicker skins in days past, when comics like Don Rickles and Joan Rivers verbally skewered everyone alive for the merest infraction of good taste. Now some New York columnist named Frederic Dicker is in the doghouse for referring to the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut as "a convenient little massacre" that helped Governor Cuomo advance his anti-gun legislation.

People are freaking out! The relatives of the fallen children are demanding he be fired, apologize of course and blah, blah, blah. Many are calling for a national boycott of his radio show and his employer, the New York Post. Yes that's right, you can't read that paper anymore, not because it's poor journalism best suited as birdcage liner, but because this one guy who works there said that one thing.

Oh please. He didn't say, "I'm so happy all the little kids died," or "it was fantastic that the killings took place," or "I hate children and love it when they're murdered in a bloody massacre," which is how his four little words are being interpreted. Jesus, why doesn't everyone just take a chill pill?

That includes all the gays who are always looking into every nook and cranny for a slur against their lifestyle, and all the black people forever on the hunt for evidence of racism, and all the radical ladies who think that when a man gets hired it's because of that nasty old War on Women. Not everything is about something. Sometimes it's just an offhand comment. Let it go.

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