Friday, January 17, 2014

And the Winner Is....

Hey people--it's Friday! Up for some R and R--maybe catch a movie? How does this sound for a good time: Grab your popcorn, sit back in your seat and take in some beatings, thrashings, and hangings.

In case you missed "Django Unchained" just two years ago, you're in luck; there is yet another faux opportunity to experience the searingly intense violence of the rapes, assaults, gruesome deaths and painful whippings endured by slaves in this country some 150 years ago. And even though it didn't happen to you, you can pretend it did and still feel like crap for just the price of a ticket! Once again, thank Hollywood for your good time.

While by all reports the latest cinematic darling of the intelligentsia is "far from comfortable viewing" and "unflinchingly brutal," it's still a "must-see" because it "forces us to freshly confront slavery's horrors"--and really, isn't that what we should be doing pretty much all the time if we are not racist? If you agree, then run don't walk to see "12 Years a Slave," the latest depiction of  slavery, which in case you missed that movie was abolished by Abe Lincoln in 1863 and this is 2014, so it was a while back.

The film is sure to win every last Oscar for which it's been nominated-- that's nine including Best Picture--and while you'll leave the theater feeling depressed and sick to your stomach, you'll also have that inner glow of Liberal Left self-righteousness. It's playing at a theater near you right now. I'll pass, but be sure to let me know what you think.

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