Sunday, January 12, 2014

And So It Begins

Maybe it's that I moved to Maine almost five years ago, or maybe it's that I'm five years older and just don't keep up anymore, but the cold, hard truth is that when I opened my New York Times this morning, as I have done for most of my adult life, and looked at the magazine cover, I had absolutely no idea what it was about.  I mean none. The cover shows a man in a suit and tie skiing downhill. I have never seen him before. The headline reads: "The Flying Tomato Would Rather You Not Call Him That Anymore." Flying tomato? There isn't a speck of red, or green for that matter, anywhere. The subhead says, "For Shaun White It's All Business."

I have never heard of Shaun White. The cover design looks like it was done by a 10th-grader. I am not tempted to read the article and instead, as usual, will go straight to the puzzle. (This tendency might be why I know so little about so much.)

Wondering if I am alone in my ignorance, I asked my husband, who after all makes all of our money, what he knew. He also never heard of the guy but understood, without missing a beat, that he is obviously a snowboarder--with red hair hence the tomato nickname--and is now going to be a grown-up businessman--hence the suit and tie.

Mitch was right; it turns out Shaun is a contender in the upcoming winter Olympics in Russia, so starting February 6 it will be Shaun White all the time, certainly coming to a Wheaties box in your neighborhood.  Mitch is so smart.

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