Thursday, December 5, 2013

Who Do You Hate?

My son just came back from spending a month in Israel. During that time he also went to Palestine. He saw up close how much each group hates the other. The Jews hate the Palestinians, who hate the Jews right back, or is it the other way around? It sounds awful, with a wall around the West Bank keeping the Palestinians inside, or maybe keeping the Jews out.

Zack's news from the front sparked a heated debate on the prevalence of racism regardless of the issues, bringing to mind Ireland, North Korea and South Korea, black and white America, Nazis and skinheads, radical lefties and the religious right zealots, and all the rest. Blah, blah, know who.

So who do you hate for no good reason? My list is not political at all, and I have no problem with skin color; for me it's poor judgement. My prejudices are deeply rooted, and it's almost impossible for me to get past them. I immediately think ill of the following groups:
     1. Women who wear panty hose with sandals. This practice sickens me, and makes me think the person is an idiot, since the whole point of sandals is to uncover the feet so they can air out, so to speak, and the whole point of panty hose is to cover the skin. What the heck are they doing?
     2. People who talk in the movies during the opening credits, believing the movie hasn't started yet. Then they leave during the closing credits, as if it doesn't matter at all who made the damn thing they just spent two hours watching.
     3. Obese people eating cotton candy in public. I mean, come on, at least go hide somewhere to stuff your fat face into a giant wad of artificially-colored spun sugar.
     4. People in the supermarket who come up behind you on the checkout line holding one or two items when you have a cart full of stuff you have not yet unloaded. They always look at you with that sick puppy stare that implies, "I just have these two little things, surely I can go ahead of you since you must not have a damn thing to do in your life but go home and put the groceries away," but they never ask and you are supposed to offer. (I usually point them to the express line, and they always walk away mad.)

Sue me, I'm a bigot.

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