Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spain Brain

Tomorrow I am flying to Barcelona and so all I can think about today is the fact that tomorrow I will be flying to Barcelona. This seems odd to me, sort of like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Today, after all, is a day too, and a perfectly nice one here in Maine. Just because it's arrived right before another one with something bigger scheduled, it seems wrong to ignore it, yet it's to be spent entirely in service to tomorrow, with packing and laundry the only planned activities.

I have never been to Spain. I abhor bullfighting and I'm not crazy about Spanish food either, but by all reports the art and architecture to be found there are astounding and the city is beautiful, the natives friendly. There I go again. I guess there can be no blog post today, with only Spain on my brain.

I hope not to squander too many more todays because of better tomorrows. It's a bad habit.

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