Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Organic--and Inedible

These being the last days, I thought I'd leave my loyal readers with a final bit of wisdom: Do not buy Stonyfield Organic Blends Yogurt. Well you can buy it but don't eat it, or you can try to eat it but I dare you to finish. I just had to pour more than half of my 6-ounce cup of Fat Free Lemon down the drain and I still feel sort of queasy, with a chalky taste in my mouth. I think it's because they don't use any toxic pesticides, a fact they proudly proclaim front and center on the label, right next to the words USDA ORGANIC. Ditto artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

I have mixed emotions: On the one hand, I feel like a better person for supporting what is basically a local producer--they're in New Hampshire which is just down the road a piece. But on the other, I paid good money for some yogurt I could eat and that was definitely not it. Could it be those missing persistent pesticides make it taste better? And do I have to eat only bad-tasting things to be a good person? And how come everyone is so anti-GMO, but all in favor of transgenders? Really, when you stop to think about it, tampering with a little corn is not half as weird as completely altering a person's genitals.

These are questions to consider, but I wanted you all to know about that Stonyfield yogurt. At the very least, steer clear of the lemon flavor.

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