Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Eat Before You Go

The main ingredient of everything served here in Barcelona restaurants is olive oil. I remember a time, about a week ago, when I loved olive oil, but oh please.

I speak very little little Spanish, but I'm pretty sure paella means "big pile of oily rice" and tapas means "little piles of oily whatever." Yesterday for lunch I opted for a tuna salad with egg sandwich, thinking it would be a tuna salad sandwich with some chopped hard-boiled egg in it, but it turned out to be runny, olive-oily egg salad with bits of oily tuna in it. And dinner last night was mussels with olive oil and some paella with olive oil. I have also had liver and onions cooked in olive oil, and bread and tomatoes soaked in olive oil, and of course olives sitting in olive oil. That last dish is quite popular.

Tonight: Dinner at Burger King. (No kidding.)

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