Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Evils of the Net

Just like I never had any intention of doing any harm to that most obnoxious of all newscasters, Keith Olbermann, who is now grazing in the fields over at the Glue Factory, I am not going to do anything to hurt anyone, even if I knew how, over at the offices of Facebook. But instead of all those poor folks at the Boston Marathon getting bomb-blasted two days ago, I'm simply thinking out loud here, but would be okay if...well, I'll just stop there before I say something I'll regret later.

So I am still on Facebook because I am still addicted to playing Words With Friends, and so I still see those annoying ads on the right side of the page. Today, for the first time ever, I clicked on one! It was for a video game called The Great Gatsby, and since I am a writer and since that is my favorite book, with Ethan Frome a close second, I was naturally incensed at the idea of the greatest novel ever written at least in this country being abused for such a trivial pursuit, and I wondered exactly how they did it. And guess what? There was no such game. My click took me to some gaming website, and I searched all over it repeatedly, and there was never any Great Gatsby game. Now my cookies are all over the place and I will probably start getting phone calls in the middle of the night about video games.

Damn Facebook!

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