Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raising the False Flag

Just 24 hours ago, thousands of people were all excited to run in or simply watch the Boston Marathon up close. Now three of those people are dead, and many others are being treated in area hospitals. At least one runner went from top physical condition to having no legs at all. In an instant, his life was destroyed, at least temporarily. Nobody knows who did it, but there is plenty of speculation involving all the usual suspects. One in particular is a  young Saudi national; could he be that missing 20th Bomber? But the darkest suggestion by far is that the whole thing was an inside job, a.k.a. "false flag attack," orchestrated by our very own government to keep us in line.

Those nutty conspiracy theorists are at it again! What has me stymied is how anyone who believes that could remain in this country. While I disdain much of what goes on here, including but not limited to the unceasing commercialism, the empty rhetoric of our politicians, the growing stupidity of our youth and the hideous girth of the citizenry, I have never suspected that the guys at the top were out to murder me. If I ever do, I am outta here, and quick.

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