Sunday, April 7, 2013

Playing God

Perhaps you've seen those TV ads for Christian, a dating service for religious types, that end with the tag line, "Find God's match for you." Who knew God was trolling the Internet? Anyway, I figure if He can be in the matchmaking business, it's certainly not beneath me.

Keeping that in mind, I have introduced two dear friends with the hope that a spark will ignite and they will like one another as much as I like each of them individually, and run off into the sunset and find eternal bliss together, or at least have a nice evening. This action on my part, called a "fix-up," which is dumb since it implies that both parties are broken and that's not the case at all, is not without peril, and brings several key questions to mind: What if they hate each other? Okay, hate is admittedly a strong word, but what if she likes him and he doesn't like her? Or what if he likes her and she doesn't like him? Or she likes him, but not that way? What if they like each other and talk about me and discover that what they have most in common is that neither of them likes me very much at all?

I was only trying to help.

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