Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It's bad enough. Really. Just the plain fact that two bombs were exploded at the Boston Marathon finish line is sufficient to bum us all out, so do we really need the constant updates from the doctors on the shrapnel embedded in the soft tissue, or the ten amputations that happened on the spot, or the nine different people who will need to undergo five more surgeries this week, or that the dead little boy's sister lost her leg, or that those two brothers watching the race each lost one of theirs? All the while, as we hear the horror, the crawl at the bottom of the screen ironically reports that an earthquake in Iran killed 40 people, which apparently is no big deal.

You get my point. The media is out of control. They are sick with frenzy, foaming at the mouth, and climbing all over each other to deliver the gory details of yesterday's horrendous event. They think we can't get our fill, but based on my conversations with four or five different friends today, we've all heard enough. Just go find the person or persons responsible, and when there's some news about that, let us know. Until then, shut up already.

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