Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clearing the Air

I once asked a lawyer friend what modern would life would be like without so many of his ilk, and he said right out: "People would fight a lot less." If nothing else, lawyers sure do roil the waters.

They also obfuscate--one of my favorite words even though it means a bad thing--at every turn. Right now, as the lilylivered punk who callously wrecked so many lives last week recovers in the hospital, a crack team of defense lawyers is gearing up to keep his head from rolling. Since he could not afford his own lawyer one was assigned, and by all reports she is "tenacious and wise," with an admirable track record. One of the most experienced and successful public defenders in the country, Miriam Conrad heads the Federal Public Defender Office in Boston. FYI, this particular case is right up her alley; in 2001, she defended "shoe bomber" Richard Reid for trying to blow up a Paris-to-Miami jetliner.

I beseech Ms. Conrad to quit defending scumbags and instead let the younger of the two terrorist brothers receive the justice he deserves: to have a few of his own limbs blown off. This would be an appropriately updated version of the old "eye-for-an-eye" Code of Hammurabi, which dates back to 1772 BC. In fact, I say let him keep both his eyes and watch the whole thing. That sounds unduly cruel, I know--and he's such a good-looking young man! But many of those people he injured so severely, just because they showed up in Boston that day, are also young and good-looking. Where is their defense team?

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