Friday, March 1, 2013

Can You Run in Those?

I saw a picture of a shoe the other day that made me gasp in horror. (See photo.) It's called a 7" Ballet Shoe High Heel, and it's real. You can buy a pair anywhere, and lots of women do. I find that scary. Okay, so I read Ms. Magazine maybe twice and was never what you would call a feminist-- I needed my bra-- but really, is this necessary?

Here's what I don't get. Women teeter around on high heels, trying to make themselves look taller or to make their legs look thinner or in some way appear sexier to men. The goal is to get a man. Then they get the man and they marry the man and then they are the wife and they start wearing sneakers all the time and the husbands leer at the women wearing the high heels. And half the time, they actually abandon the wife in the sneakers for the sexy woman in the high heels. Perhaps if manufacturers stopped making high heels, the divorce rate would plummet. And women would have fewer bunions and less foot pain and lower back pain. Who knows, it could really turn things around for society in general; you know, level the playing field. 

Those shoes just seem wrong somehow.

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