Thursday, August 10, 2017

Spare Us the Details

 "Hey, great news -- this morning I had a very satisfying bowel movement. (pm me for details concerning size, consistency and color.) This is good news since I have been plagued by bouts of constipation from my blood pressure medications, so to combat that I take a dose of Miralax every night at bedtime. Some days it works really well, and today was one of those. Have a blessed day!"

Sorry, just trying to make a point. Is it just me, or does everyone agree that Facebook has become a tad too personal? People think nothing of posting the intimate details of everything from disturbing  photos of their post-surgery wounds to sappy-sweet declarations of love for their significant others. I wish they would all just keep it to themselves since few people care, especially strangers who end up reading the stuff when one of your Facebook friends "likes" it and it shows up in your "news."

For example, do you want to hear what happened to me yesterday? I was at the garden shop and they have those giant carts to put your plants in, you know the kind with wheels, and I somehow rolled it over my left pinkie toe and the nail came completely off! It was gross, there was blood everywhere, and it really hurt a lot so I couldn't reach my camera or else I would have posted a picture of it bleeding. Wow, it was a real gusher!

Come on folks -- are there no limits?

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