Monday, May 15, 2017

Hello to My Russian Friends

I did not vote for Donald Trump but I must say, he has good taste in friends. Those Russians sure do like reading my blog, and how can that be a bad thing? My stats are sky-high and climbing, with over 700 Ruskies clicking over the last two days. It's puzzling since I've never written anything that might be of interest to them, but I guess just the mention of the word "Russia" in a recent post caught their attention. (My husband suspects it's "non-human traffic" and not actual people, but I prefer thinking otherwise.)

Here in Maine there is nothing remotely Russian, unless you count the snow. There are no Russian restaurants, and I can't remember ever seeing a samovar, although there must be one somewhere since there are several tea rooms. Of course there is borscht for sale in all the supermarkets and it's easy enough to find those Matryoshkas (see photo) in toy stores and probably the Walmart. (I once had a set of those, but darned if I know where they are now.)

FYI, Russia is a huge country covering 1/7th of the globe and spanning 11 times zones! Who even knew there were 11 time zones?

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