Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Evidence of Devolution

I don't think it's a stretch to say that humans are getting dumber every day. I mean come on, look at who's president. But far worse than our collective decision that a former reality TV star who made it big in real estate was better than a lying, cheating harridan spewing empty platitudes is the steady erosion of common sense among the masses, many of whom have money to spare that they squander on senseless crap.

If you don't agree, just check out the latest fashionable jeans shown below. Marketed specifically towards our current crop of young people -- you know, the ones who will be running the show when the last  boomers are gone -- they are being offered for sale this very minute at Nordstrom's, that once esteemed but now fallen idol of the upper classes.

Baked-in fake mud makes guys look hard-working despite playing video games and drinking brewskies all day. $425

For the ladies, plastic panels sewn over the knee holes let new Moms look "edgy" while keeping the baby throw-up out. $95

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