Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's Called The United STATES

Disappointed Democrat
The Electoral College might as well change its name to the Electoral Junior High, since that's about the level at which most die-hard Democrats with half a brain (and by that I mean they are dumb, not truly missing half their brains which some people really are and I mean no disrespect to them, no, not at all) function these days. Herds of Hillary-lovers are still in shock more than a week later, but besides licking their wounds they are taking action: 4.4 million of them have signed a petition demanding Clinton replace Trump as the victor. They base their argument on the fact that she won the popular vote but lost the electoral count and that the Electors can change their votes if they so choose when they officially vote on December 19.

Hysterical Hillary
Until Trump just four other presidents were in the same wobbly boat: John Quincy Adams (1824), Rutherford Hayes(1876), Benjamin Harrison(1988) and George W. Bush (2000) took the oath of office having won more electoral votes but less popular votes. Yet there was no hue and cry from the populace to change the rules; what a surprise that this time there is. Chances are the Clintons are behind this movement, and really, who can blame them? Without the adoring and fawning public and drooling press and paparazzi afforded to those in high political office, the two of them will be stuck with -- dare I say it? -- each other. And Chelsea, of course, we musn't forget her. (Actually, we musn't: Remember Glenn Close in the final bathtub scene in Fatal Attraction?)

President Streisand
If one gives this Electoral College issue even the most cursory of glances, it quickly becomes clear that our Founding Fathers were a brilliant bunch to come up with such a plan. After all, without it every single one of our presidents would be decided upon by the urban cowboys living in New York and California, with a few other big-city types thrown in. The real cowboys, along with the farmers and coal miners and just plain hayseeds, wouldn't need to think about it, let alone bother to cast a ballot. Who knows, without the system we have now that glass ceiling might have been broken years ago by President Streisand.

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