Friday, November 11, 2016

Boo-Hoo, Hillary Lost

Boo-hoo, my choice lost. Waaaaaaaaah!
Jesus Christ, these people are crybabies! Get over it! Hillary lost the election because not enough people wanted her to be the next president! Yeah yeah, I know she won the popular vote, but that's not how it goes here in this country and never has, so quit bawling and get on with your life.  And by the way let's remember that Hillary is no saint, she's just the only person the Dems could find except of course Martin O'Malley, 'memba him?

Honestly my biggest problem today was that our power went out while I was in the shower and I couldn't dry my hair. That, and the fact that my sister had a stroke weeks ago and today is her birthday and I sent her flowers and called her at a nursing home which made me feel like curling up in the fetal position and staying in bed all day, bummed me out a lot more than any of this election stuff, until something happens that actually impacts me or anybody else for that matter. So far the only bad things going on are violent actions by the Democratic protesters! No Republicans have dragged innocent people who happened to vote for a different candidate --the winner by the way-- out of their cars at stoplights and beat them to a pulp! (Google it.)

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  1. no misogynist racist homophobic laws have yet been passed