Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Dummy Vote

I just read about a 6-month-old boy who died of heat stroke, having been left alone inside a hot car in a parking lot of a Walmart in Texas. He was the sixth such fatality in Texas this year, but there have been more deaths just like it in other states. The boy's father works at the Walmart and said that he "forgot to take the child to daycare."

Here's the scariest part: That man and all the other negligent, unthinking, careless zombies just like him have the right to vote in our presidential election. Good luck to the rest of us come November, we'll surely need it.

1 comment:

  1. I feel terrible for, and angry at, these parents. Then again I've done some phenomenally stupid things on my way to work, exhausted after a night of no sleep. It's terrifying to say, but I could see myself doing something stupid like they've done, especially if I were working 2 part time jobs that have their hours shifting around on a daily basis.
    What a horror show, nightmare, life-stopping event, that this must be for a parent. I'm not sure I would survive an event like this, given the number of tall buildings, toxic plants, and firearms around.