Sunday, August 28, 2016

Money Talks

My husband and his brother are in the next room having dinner and talking about money. It might be a discussion about the stock market but I can't be sure. I had to leave because I just don't understand it. It's sort of like a foreign language. They are saying things like "there might have been eight, but out of the five you got three." Key words being bandied about are "fees," "the Feds," "buying revenue," "ordinary income," "margins" and "three-point-two."  The rates apparently keep moving around, which makes it all that much harder.

I relate to money as wampum, whereby I give you some of this green paper and you give me some of that stuff I want. Beyond that simple exchange I am lost. I excused myself from the conversation, and as you can see I am now here and having much more fun.

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